Dr. Sophia Yin på Hundcampus.

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I am in Hallifors, Sweden (about 4 from Stockholm) to share our ideas on techniques on training with the instructors of Hundcampus, lead by Lennart Wetterholm, who has over 40 years experience training dogs for the military. At the height of his military career, he was the Commanding Officer overseeing thousands of dogs. He has trained dogs and handlers in many countries for numerous groups including the UN to detect, among other things, mines, gas leaks, narcotics, money. Under his watch, mines were not missed and dogs did not lose their lives due to detection errors. His training is based on positive reinforcement and his motto is “The dog is never wrong. Only the human is wrong.” One of Lennart’s many projects is training dogs on cancer scent discrimination. I am here, because I have been asked by Canine Assisted Diagnostics and Dr. Elizabeth Ley to help develop a maximally efficient means to train dogs to detect cancer. You’ll find out more about our trip in the upcoming days and weeks






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